About Me

Natural Health is my passion.   I grew up and was educated in Scotland, Germany, Belgium and England. My Mother,a nurse,  used natural remedies to heal us which had a profound effect on my health and my  understanding about health. My greatest lesson about my own health started after a bad fall from a horse which left me with a back injury and a ruptured spleen. I had years of terrible back pain and it was my Massage Therapist friend Grendl Terry who helped me avoid surgery and who showed me the power of bodywork to affect body mind and spirit.

After a 20 year career as an artist I decided to fulfill my other dream of helping people achieve better health holistically and  trained as a massage therapist. I attended  and graduated from the Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 2002 . My massage sessions incorporate knowledge and understanding of the body learned hands on over the years. I have a passion for plants and have around 400 class room hours in western (as opposed to oriental) herbalism.          I make plant-based soaps, salves, teas and tinctures for sale.